Troubleshooting Home Page

The K3S Troubleshooting Guide can be used to help work with some of the common problems that impact suppliers and suggested orders. Follow the guide below: Review Bracket Levels Check History Review Sales Journal Check for Seasonality Review the Order Point Check the Order Costs Review the User Status Check for Minimum/Maximum

Check for Minimum/Maximum

Is there a minimum or maximum on the product? Use Product Settings to check the min/max and change it if needed. If the product has a shelf life, it might need a maximum days set on the order point so that K3S will know not to suggest too much. Article last revised on 12/10/2018    

Review the User Status

Check the product tags. Here you will need to check your user status on the products. You can do this by simply looking at your product tags and select Manual Products to view a list of your manual products within this supplier. Are these supposed to be on manual? Are these supposed to be on manual? Or are […]

Check the Order Costs

It will be important to ensure there is an order cost attached to your supplier and products. Is the cost that is displayed correctly? This will be very important to the accuracy of your suggested orders. Review the Product Settings screen and check the Order Costs for your products. If your costs look correct, let’s check the User […]

Review The Order Point

Now we will look at your order point in days. This includes: • Safety Stock • Lead Time • Order Cycle • Other Days Do any of these seem off? Safety Stock There are 10 variables that determine safety stock. You can view these by opening the safety stock analyzer. Here we are going to focus […]

Check for Seasonality

It is possible that the suggested order is off because the product is a seasonal product and should be assigned a seasonal profile. The graph on the product history screen should give you an idea of if a product has a seasonality pattern or not. The line shown on the graph represents the demand pattern. It takes […]

Review Sales Journal

Do your Sales Journal tell you anything? K3S-Replenish® can show you your receipts, sales, lost sales, as well as which customer ordered how much and when. From the Product Details screen click the Sales Journal button near the top right. You will see all the orders from your customers as well as how many were shipped. Using your knowledge of […]

Check History

Is the product average correct? The average on your Product History screen is the foundation on which the system builds a suggested order. The system uses exponential smoothing to calculate this number. Exponential smoothing puts more emphasis on recent history while still taking into account all the history available to the system. If you think demand patterns are […]

Review Bracket Level

Are your bracket levels set correctly and selected? Bracket levels help set overall constraints for orders when ordering from suppliers, and an incorrectly set bracket level could allow too much or too little on the suggestion the system has calculated. A bracket level must be selected to become active. Check to see which, if any, bracket level […]